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Our team has extensive knowledge on the administrative regulation of the country allowing us attend businesses and individuals. Kuhsiek & Associates provides specialized legal advice to private entities, individuals, centralized and decentralized entities all in their relations with the Administration and in particular with tendering procedures, contracts with the state and those cases involving the Patrimony of the State or the Public Administration. We offer legal opinion in accordance with the client’s requirements to meet their needs. Our firm makes the follow-up of the different administrative procedures in areas of regulated law (banking, energy, telecommunications, mining and others). We assume the defense in administrative proceedings, contentious-administrative and constitutional.


Our team is formed by people with extensive and high experience in this sector providing services and support to customers in handling banking transactions, including securitizations, leasing, guarantees, trusts, etc. Kuhsiek & Associates provides advice on common and complex banking operations, the spectrum of this right that remains at the forefront allowing us to provide advice to individuals, legal and financial institutions on structuring bilateral and syndicated operations, corporate financing, refinancing, guarantees and other stakeholders involved in the financial market; and as well as consumer banking and its factoring, leasing operations, mortgage and consumer finance, asset financing and raw materials, etc.


The team forming Kuhsiek & Associates provides specialized services in the area of civil law which, in most cases as usual in the areas of the law is complemented by areas such as commercial, labor, procedural law and tax among others. The services provided under this discipline are the formation of associations, civil associations, drafting of different contracts such as leases, purchase and sale, usufruct, structuring of guarantees, works contracts, mandates, and the area of real estate law. In the latter our firm he has extensive experience in designing innovative structures, comprehensive advice and assistance in structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing of all type of transactions related to real estate development, structuring condominium regimes and horizontal property by working together in coordination of the different areas playing an important role in planning, development and implementation of the projects.


Kuhsiek & Associates provides direct and continuous advisory services to individual and legal persons in all aspects related to their daily operations and as well as extraordinary situations that may impact their businesses and activities. Our services are provided in a personalized way working closely with our clients and their work teams aimed to understand the different aspects of their operations, transactions and business thereby to provide the best legal advice The team of Kuhsiek & Associates has extensive knowledge on legislation and practice in the commercial field, allowing us to provide a comprehensive advice on issues related to commercial law including the area of corporate law, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, stock market, financial and insurance law. Our extensive range of services in this area include our advice in all matters related to constitution and modification of all type of companies,  winding up, organization and support to the board and shareholders meetings, negotiations in covenants among partners and the defense of the interests of the company, its partners or advisors in conflict situations. We carry out the planning, structuring, financing and execution of mergers and acquisitions. Likewise, we have extensive experience in commercial contracts, drafting and negotiation of all type of commercial contracts, such as distribution, rendering services and agency contracts; mandates, transportation, cooperation, participation, purchase-sale contracts, supply and distribution, licensing and franchising, trusts and non-competition agreements and confidentiality, among others.


Our team provides advice in the labor area with specialization in the following services: work regulations development, work and services contracts, labor audits, team restructuring, among others. The team Kuhsiek & Associates usually participates in work consultation resolutions, negotiation, drafting and termination of employment contracts and provides advice on issues related to recruitment, management of individual and collective relations, implications in the execution of contracts and compliance with labor policies to ensure the compliance with labor regulations and social security regulations. Kuhsiek & Associates represents the client’s interests before administrative and judicial authorities. Our firm assists in immigration issues (residence, naturalization, nationality) and the obtainment of work permissions and all regarding this matter.


Kuhsiek & Associates brings advice in litigation based on the analysis of the case and the strategy approach, which seeks to understand the goals of the clients in order to meet them through negotiation or litigation. The knowledge about the business of our customers allows us to defend their legal position in the most appropriate way to their interests. We serve our clients with our advice and by representing them in civil, commercial, fiscal, administrative, and constitutional proceedings among other processes. In the attention to the case whose defense is entrusted to us our work is organized and distributed among the experts in the area, who participate actively in planning the strategy of the case that can be resolved judicial or administratively and inclusive by using alternative methods for conflict resolution. The services of Kuhsiek & Associates include arbitration, litigation, mediation and others.


Our team seeks to maintain and protect our clients’ intangible assets. The services we provide include contracts, protection of copyrights, trademarks, distinctive signs and industrial and commercial designs.


The Kuhsiek & Associates team brings solutions in the tax law area. Our services include tax advice on acquisitions, investment plans, tax planning and others. We provide advice on direct or indirect taxation, daily basis consultations day by day on the execution of business of a specific client by determining those legal structures to comply with the obligations of each particular. Similarly, we take care of the defense of those cases o interest of our client at administrative and judicial levels.